Linggo, Pebrero 19, 2017


Some of you already know but to those who doesn’t yet, Tomorrow, is going to be my last day here in Eagle.
Yep, for reals!!! :D I just wanna say thank you to my DISPATCH family who means so much to me. It was really hard to make such decisions but in the end I chose to leave XD I have to follow my priorities though (char!!) XD But that doesn’t mean it’s over between us. J I’m still with Accenture and Dispatch Team will always and forever in my heart and I will miss everything we did for this family J I hope you guys pursue and support everyone in the team. Continue to love what you’re doing and always remember, you have a family here in Eagle J here in Dispatch. J
No good byes~ just see you around!
Don’t forget me on your upcoming events if ever J

I’m just a one email away. :D Or you can just message me in Facebook or text me anytime~ Hehehe~
I’ll keep myself alive na lang sa FB (as always) J
Yun lang!!!
To my EAGLE Fam--- Thank you!! 💋 I had the most colorful 2-year stay in this Project because of you guys! 🙋🙋

Martes, Disyembre 31, 2013

PAGE 1 OF 365

The year 2013 has been a challenging year to my homeland.  As if the recently exposed case of graft and corruption widely known as Napoles case in the Philippines is not enough, series of fortuitous events put our country in a difficult situation.  The earthquake in Bohol destroyed some of the oldest churches we have and took the lives of a lot of Boholanos and perhaps the worst typhoon in the history of the Philippines almost wiped out Tacloban in the map with 2013 super typhoon Yolanda aka as Haiyan internationally.

What these unfortunate events brought us are people sending their love all over the world.  It was heart warming enough to keep the Filipino spirit alive. And so despite the hardships,  I would like to welcome 2014 with even greater hope towards the healing of our nation.

 May the blessings of the Lord shower upon us this 2014.

I'm looking forward for a better and brighter 2014. Positive thoughts. Positive vibes. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! =)))


Lunes, Disyembre 16, 2013

One Hundred Times of Fun at Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

Seriously, I’ve always wanted to go to the famous Hundred Islands of Pangasinan but I don’t have enough time to travel to that place.  Last Friday night while having our Christmas Party in Hotel Consuelo, a much unexpected person came to the venue.  I have visited not only Hundred Islands, but Calasiao as well. (To join the GBG Inagural Meet Up in Hundred Islands and Puto Festival in Calasiao) I was super excited for this trip, not just because it was my first time to go to Hundred Islands, but also because they are part of my travel bucket list here in the Philippines. Much thanks to Sir Regz for inviting me and my friends, for organizing this trip and for being the best itinerary planner ever!  :

SORCE: iExplore PH

Martes, Nobyembre 19, 2013

Things To Consider Before Starting A Blog

Things to consider before starting a blog

Due to high monetization value of blogging a lot of netizens are now cresting their blog and get paid, but, that isn’t as easy as that. There are things to consider in creating a blog and make your blogpost paid.

  • Blog what you love not what you want

It’s not about you want to blog because it’s the trend or it’s the most paid. Create your own niche, blog about what you love; about what do you think you will shine. Some bloggers get bored and stop blogging because of wrong choice niche.

  • Create your own Niche

This is the part where you should brainstorm a lot, aside from identifying the topics of your blog post also consider gimmicks and innovating to offer your target readers something new and outshine others that are usual and traditional.

  • Prepare at least 10 blogposts in advance

List down at least 10 titles for your blog and its content and upload it. “Content is King” , googlebot  loves fresh content by this your blog can be easily indexed at google search engine making it more visible to your  prospect readers.

  • Make Keywords

Another thing usually new bloggers neglects, is to identify keywords or phrase that will be used on their blogpost. Using Keywords will help on optimizing your blog and generate more traffic. If a netizen searched you keyword or a part of the phrase you’ve identified, it easily locate your posts on your blog.

Lunes, Nobyembre 18, 2013

Bloggers the most influential marketer’s online.

Blogging started early 90’s. In the Philippines it is first known as an online diary and leeway to express thoughts and ideas. Due to rapid growth of internet and social media usage a lot of blog platform websites are born ready to accommodate the fast growing blogging community.
Today, blogging is considered as one of the most effective tool in marketing online. Entrepreneurs, small businesses up to multi-national companies hire bloggers to promote them and increase their online presence and value. As a proof, different blogger to business events are happening around the globe making business owners connected to bloggers that mostly influence the netizens.
In the Philippines, The blogapalooza, considered as the biggest blogging event in the country, again connects influential bloggers around the country in one awesome event. More than 500 chosen influential bloggers gathered in SM Aura premiere to meet possible clients. Top brands also participated in the event to search for bloggers that will give social value to their brands.
Today, bloggers are one of the most paid online marketers and promoters aside from social media strategist and managers.

Photo is not mine. :)

Miyerkules, Oktubre 16, 2013

GDayX Central Luzon 2k13

Today, Google conducts an event regarding the Google Day celebration of Central Luzon which held at Sison Auditorium, Lingayen Pangasinan. During the seminar, the speakers tackle about the different features of Google including the Google+YoutubeGoogle MapGoogle TranslateBlogger and many more. A lot of Google Ambassadors all over Central Luzon have attended the said event. Mr. Sonny Ramirez, the Vice President Of 1DigitechPH, invited me and my friends to participate at the celebration of Google Day. We met a lot of well known people under the GBG Malaysia (Google Business Group Malaysia) and GDG PH (Google Developers Group Philippines). There are variety of games and lot of stuffs during the event. I’m looking forward to attend the next event that Google will conduct.